YouTube has got an interface

For mainstream, YouTube is the most favorite video sharing website online. And It became popular very soon for its ease of use, availability of videos, interface… But Is it the only interface we can use? No, there’s another interesting thing to try out here.. Simply.. Go to Warp Speed’s Youtube Landing page and then click […]

Replace the bloats and speed up your computer

We come across a huge number of software nowadays to fulfill our daily needs. The amount of softwares are increasing very fast today. All of them provide different type of customization and features.

But not all the softwares are really essential or our need. Today, with increasing version numbers the size of these softwares in increasing also. And some of these are nightmares for old-aged PCs like Photoshop CS4, winamp, Adobe reader. And that’s the point I want to raise here.

Some windows tricks and suggestions

Here are some tricks and suggestions you may like. I’ve tested these on XP platform…. 1. A VIRTUAL DIARY You want a quick diary on your pc, but dont want to install a separate program for this purpose. And writing notes in a word processor by giving date-time everytime isn’t a good idea. Open ‘NOTEPAD’. Type […]