YouTube has got an interface

For mainstream, YouTube is the most favorite video sharing website online. And It became popular very soon for its ease of use, availability of videos, interface… But Is it the only interface we can use? No, there’s another interesting thing to try out here..

Simply.. Go to Warp Speed’s Youtube Landing page and then click on any video thumbnails.. You will go full-screen and all video links turned out into floating balls, with dark background. Now, Isn’t it another good interface?


Hover your mouse pointer over any circle and YouTube‘s ‘related videos’ feature will show you other videos in a new funky way, putting the first one in centre. Clicking on any circle will play the video in new way.

You can see that similar videos are color coded, the circles around them should have same colors.  If you watched a video then the color tag of the circle will be placed at top-left corner of window as a dot.

If your are continuing watching videos one after one then you can see all videos you have seen connected by lines, isn’t it amazing??

[Editor’s Note: This is a post written by our Guest Blogger Umesh Mahato. He is a student from Jamshedpur and passionate about opensource.

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