Backup Your Blogger and Google+ Page Data with Takeout

Google Takeout is a service that allows you to archive all your data stored on a particular service offered by Google. For example it allows you to download all your Picassa, contacts, documents on Google Drive, list of feeds on Google Reader and more. Now it has added Google+ Pages and Blogger (blogspot) as services whose data can be archived or downloaded and stored locally.

Google Takeouts Blogger

How to Download Google+ and Blogger Hosted Blog

  • Sign-in to your Google account which you want to use to download and archive data from.
  • Then look up the Google Takeout landing page and click on Choose services.
  • Select Blogger and Pages from the list and click on Create Archive.
  • A .zip file can be downloaded which contains your archive in .ATOM format files.

I have found Google Takeout very useful in the past to transfer my Google+ circles and followers from one account to another.

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Link: Google Takeout