Beware! Phishing scam on Facebook

facebook phishingHas anyone faced a hoax issue on Facebook yet? If you have a Facebook account, then be a little careful. There has been a major spur of phishing attacks on Facebook to steal usernames and passwords and spam your friends.

How is it being done?

Facebook’s mail system is being used by the attackers to send messages to the users, enticing them to go to – – a site that duplicates Facebook’s log-in screen.


The word has been around that Facebook has blocked this URL and this has hopefully brought an end to the entire nuisance.

Better safe than sorry…

It is still very important that we REMEMBER NOT TO LOG into a page that claims to be “Facebook” unless the URL is Wouldn’t hurt being just a little extra-cautious!

(Source: allFacebook)

3 replies on “Beware! Phishing scam on Facebook”

  1. use firefox 3 and you’ll get security protection while you try to open

  2. facebook is a piece of Shit. if you need a facebook account, you oneed a life. If you dont know what a phishing scam is, then it’s your own fault. Ignorance is not an excuse on the internet anymore.

    2 things you need to do if you dont understand something go to type in phishing scam and hit enter. Tada research is a remarkable thing.

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