Block 3rd Party Widgets to Increase Page Loading on Chrome!

When we created the new design for our blog, it was crucial to make it minimal and increase page loading speed. We also tried to not have too many 3rd part widgets on the page other than a Facebook page widget. This is because too many 3rd party widgets can slow down page from loading on your screen.

Unfortunately not all blogs are into minimalism and often have many 3rd party widgets on their website. But Chrome has a handy extension which allows blocking all 3rd party widgets on a page you look up with the browser.

WidgetBlock Features

Install WidgetBlock on Chrome and see all 3rd party widgets on webpages you are viewing disappear.

As these widgets do not load up on the browser, it means data from 3rd party websites is not pulled. That ends up making the page load faster. This is very useful if you are browsing through a lot of blog posts.

I found that it usually blocks most Facebook and Twitter plugins. It also does hide the count in the social share buttons on most websites. Interestingly it did not block anything from Google+.

Also note that it might cause some issues while playing games on Facebook.

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Link: WidgetBlock