Bye-Bye Blogger…. Devils Workshop is moving to WordPress!

Yes finally after lots of brainstorming we are moving to WordPress!!!

It has been pleasure being here but with your continuous support Devils Workshop has grown to look out for a better home over the time!

Actually moving to WordPress blogging systems decision was taken few months back but the delay caused first by self-hosting decision and then finding a .COM domain. (I wish I could get
We also once thought about changing name of this blog and conducted a poll on orkut too! The result till date is 100% in favor of Devils Workshop current name!

As of now, I can say that WordPress v/s Blogspot can be compared at par with Firefox v/s Internet Explorer 😀
I will write more about WordPress later on. It has thousands of plugins (like extensions in Firefox) and I am tired right now to write about them!

This is the stuff which kept me busy for last few weeks. More will be coming but at our new address:

Our Email subscribers and other Feedburner Readers will continue to receive updates from new blog automatically without any change!

Thank you all of you and special thanks to 1500+ Devils on our orkut community!