Catch Shahrukh Khan on Twitter!

Shahrukh Khan Few days ago, there were rumors around the web that, L K Advani – One of the most popular and eminent Indian political leader has now adopted Twitter to directly interact with people and attract them towards his party. But later on it turned out that, some one was playing prank and created a fake account disguising himself as L K Advani.

Now our dear Shahrukh Khan – Famous bollywood star, too have come up with a twitter account and following & getting followed by many people in the twitter world. But it is yet to be confirmed that this account is really being used by Shahrukh Khan, or again some one is playing prank as in the case of @lkadvani. I came to know about the presence of Shahrukh Khan in Twitter about 2-3 days ago, but I avoided writing about it recalling @lkadvani’s story, but the huge amount of followers by @shahrukh_khan forced me to write about his presence in Twitter. 🙂

Hope, this time atleast the story turns out to be true. And if so, we can see a huge number of Indians (specially girls 😉 ) driving into twitter in the days to come. Isn’t it?

Link: Shahrukh Khan on Twitter

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Editor’s Note: Shahrukh Khan’s Twitter ID is not confirmed by media and other sources to be @iamsrk


robin February 5, 2009

its pakka fake one

alok February 5, 2009

yupp how can we believe that it is a original one??

Simran February 5, 2009

Totally Fake !!!!

Solid Blogger February 8, 2009

Even I guess it’s fake though I’ve already made a post in my blog about shahrukh khan on twitter. Is he having that much time to make his updates on twitter?

You can’t ignore this also. Even stars like Aamir Khan, Amitabh Bachaan are dedicating some time to manage their blogs. Lets wait till the king star reveals about this one day.

Deepak Jain February 9, 2009

@All above
As said on the blog, even I think that it is fake..
But it is just a matter of time that will disclose the fact 🙂

Aka February 20, 2010

Sharukh’s ID is iamsrk.. It is confirmed

Aditya Kane February 20, 2010

Thanks AKa for comments. Have updated the post with a Editors note. 🙂