Chrome Browser Is Now Available on Android Phones

Chrome is one of the fastest growing browsers today. It has already overtaken Firefox and it’s simple layout and easy options to synchronise bookmarks, passwords and extensions is earning a lot more adopters.

Yesterday Chrome announced that it was progressing from the computer onto the mobile phones and tablets. Yup, Chrome is now available as a browser on Android.

Chrome Beta on Android OS

  • Visit the Android Marketplace and download the Chrome browser on your Android phone. Chrome for Android only works on Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) platform.
  • The big advantage is that Chrome on Android can show your sync your tabs and also bookmarks from your browser on your laptop to your mobile.
  • Your extensions are not synced but then I guess, you can independently install them from Android marketplace anyways.
  • There is also support for privacy options like incognito mode and also other privacy options.

Why Chrome needed to be on Android

Android might be a open-source project but it is heavily run by Google. Google has recently bought over Motorola. This means now they will also be more proactively getting into the hardware part of mobiles and tablets. We might even see a Nexus Tablet.

These gadgets by Google will actually need Chrome to streamline the experience of using Google services from computer to mobile. It has also probably ended the argument of possibly having Chrome OS on tablets.

What would be interesting is how would Chrome makes life difficult for Safari and Internet Explorer if it available on iOS and Windows 8 for mobile phones. 😉

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Link: Chrome on Android Marketplace

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Rakshit February 9, 2012

WoW. I would surely downloaded it if its available for Android v2.2