Combined Live Chat for Facebook and Twitter


Bringing Facebook friends to Twitter followers can be quite a challenge, especially when there are not many solutions available to do that. But with SavorChat, the process gets easy.

SavorChat is a free group chat application that allows Facebook and Twitter users to chat with each other.

This service can come in handy for online networking meetings, collaborative project discussions, complement conference calls, live discussions with friends, etc.

This service has been created by Marc Stedman (a co-founder of Savor the Success).



Once you are signed in, you can create and host a personal chat room. You have the option to keep it as public or private and choose the number of people you wish to invite.

Here is a list of things you could do:

  • Create and host your own chat room
  • Make your chat room public or private with password protection
  • Send direct messages to 1 or more users within a room
  • Schedule when your room is open
  • Invite your Facebook friends


  • Log into the chat either through Facebook Connect or Twitter OAuth.
  • Once logged in, your chat updates will have your profile picture along with a small icon. The icon will tell whether a person is from Twitter or Facebook.
  • You could click on the picture to go to that person’s profile page.

Privacy controls

The chat room creator has a lot control over the room like:

  • Setting chat durations
  • Setting Twitter hashtags that will be tweeted out anytime someone tweets from the room.
  • Sending your chat updates through this tool by clicking the checkbox.

Finally, a practical solution that brings Facebook and Twitter users closer than ever! Quickly, easily and for free!

Link: savorchat