Create Facebook Friends Collage Across Selected Friends! (Enhanced Version)


If you are sunscriber of Digital Insipration or Life Hacker, then you might have guessed already what I am serving today! But wait before you quit as there is really more to this Facebook Friends Collage trick.

Facebook_friends_collage Last month Amit found out "—" option by which you can create your facebook friends collage as shown above! The "—" options is also highlighted in screenshot on right side.

There are two things I have noticed about it…

  1. Collage contained all friends! (it have beeen better if we can just create collage for selected friends!)
  2. There is no need to scroll through and click on "—". (you can directly go to collage page)

Now here is the URL i.e. direct link to above page…

If you have noticed there is a "grid" option in above URL which is responsible for grid-like view or what we call facebook friends collage trick!

So to get grid-view for selected friends…

  1. Choose any drop-down option on facebook friends page (ex: network, status, online now, classmates, etc)
  2. Add &grid to URL and hit ENTER! (do not forget & before grid)



Facebook Collage

You can drag-n-drop above bolmarklet on your browsers bookmark toolbar!

Facebook Collage bookmark will get added to your existing bookmark and when you click on it &grid will be added automatically!


Thats it! Have fun šŸ™‚


Biju Krishnan December 28, 2009

The technique not working anymore