Create your wishlist in Facebook and Earn upto $100

In a story among the Aesop fables, it narrates that god sent man with the ability to think and to wish. These abilities are the reason for all of his present day success. Wish is the basis of gain. When we wish for anything, there develops an aim and we work hard for it, so that we can achieve victory. So, there’s nothing interesting and useful than wishing.

Facebook  also knows this and now along with paypal, they are coming with an application, which will allow you to create a wishlist, that you can share with your friends. You will be credited $1 if you join the wishlist.  If  any of your friend join the paypal wishlist through you, you get $1. Likewise, you can earn upto $100. The payments will be sent to our paypal address by 28th February 2010.

Paypal wishlist earn $100

So in fact, this application can be called as a 2-in-1 application which allows us to create a wish list and earn some nice cash. This program can be trusted because it is directly from the paypal. If you want a proof, just sign-in to the paypal and you can see the ad of the application on the sidebar. Here is a screenshot –
paypal wishlist

What all should you have to join this ?

What you want is a Valid paypal account and an facebook account. The  countries – India, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore or Vietnam can earn upto $100 from the service. You have to create a wishlist and publicize it to your friend. When they too add this application, you will be getting $1. You will be credited $1 for each friedns you refer to thi application.

You can visit my paypal wishlist and join through me, if you like it.
Here is the direct link to the paypal application .


jigar January 10, 2010

please help me i have click on application but not know how to conect my it with my paypal account so hlep me in detail