Cross post your Instagram photos on Twitter using IFTTT

Instagram has recently switched off Twitter cards support, so your followers can no longer view your Instagram photos without leaving Twitter. But using a small trick, we can bypass this.

As Twitter has rolled out photo filters for its mobile apps, Instagram has switched off the Twitter cards support for its users. Twitter cards essentially are more like expanded tweets which show a preview of content, which you can view without leaving the site.


If you’re one of those who love/use this feature, then good news! Here’s a simple tip on how you can cross post your Instagram photos on to Twitter and letting your followers see them as Twitter images (which falls under

IFTTT (If this then that), which we have talked about earlier links services, so you can setup an action to happen if something gets triggered.

Setting up IFTTT for cross posting Instagram photos on Twitter

  1. Sign up for IFTTT, if you haven’t already.
  2. Go to channels tab, and activate both Twitter as well as Instagram channels. Activating generally means logging into those services or giving your username.
  3. After that’s done, go to this recipe page and hit ‘use recipe’ at the end of page.
  4. That’s all, the recipe is activated and now when ever you upload a photo on to Instagram with #twitter as tag, it automatically gets uploaded to Twitter and your followers can view it without leaving the site.

Along with the image, the caption you have put for the Instagram photo will also be tweeted. Note that there can be a delay in IFTTT uploading the image to Twitter, as it’s not real-time.

Try it out and tell us what you think.