Don’t Click on Account verification on Facebook

A new spam is going around on Facebook now. It says about an official announcement that Facebook will close all those inactive accounts. Well, it is not true.

This spam says that,

??The owner of Facebook announced that all accounts will be shut down today. In order to keep your account alive, you must verify your account.

Once you click on the link given, you are taken to a new page. It says you have to check or perform some tasks to prove that you are human. Hah! Stupid! Yes and the moment you realize that it is a spam the message is already displayed on your Facebook wall.

Such spam spread like fire on-line. There is no such thing like Facebook closing account or itself  (Source).


How to avoid such Spam ?

One way is to not click it at all and another way can be use HTTPS for secure browsing. (Source) When you enable the secure browsing feature, Facebook asks you before opening any application. That may not stop all the spam immediately but it can give you time and option so that you may think before clicking on it and spreading spam to others . 🙂

What do you think ? Did you or any of your friends clicked on it ? Feel free to share your views here.

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