Enable Google Instant Search In Google Chrome Omnibox

Many of  you might know that we can search query in Chrome’s address bar to get Google result. Chrome is also going to add support for instant search in the latest upcoming stable release. Then we will be able to enter the query in the address bar(Omnibox) to watch the instant result.

Turn On Chrome Instant Search

Chrome instant is like when you enable it and enter text in the address bar(Omnibox) for faster searching and browsing, it will show the instant search like Google do.

But here is a little difference, Chrome’s instant search shows a result for that query only. Suppose you have to search for “Android” you will start entering text “an” in the address bar  but it will show result for “an” not “android”. Chrome instant does not predict words like Google do but it auto completes the frequently visited web pages.


Chrome instant is a nice feature but I found in one case it may slow you down. When you write any query in the address bar and Chrome finds a web page that matches your query then it loads that page first. For instance, when I type “d” in the Omnibox, Chrome auto completes my query as “devilsworkshop.org”, since I frequently go to devilsworkshop.org.

If I type “n”, Chrome loads news.google.com. It may be useful for frequently visited pages, but loading a page just because I type a letter in the address bar is a bit too much. This way, you may end up loading a lot of pages while typing a query and that may be distracting and may slow you down.


Link : Chrome Dev Channel

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