Facebook Inc. plan to Buy 15 Small Companies in 2011

Facebook Inc is planning to buy 15 small companies next year, which will help Facebook to rise more. What do you think about it?

We are all here planning for things for the new year, some say they will make resolutions that wont be broken, some want a new job or life etc. Facebook Inc. is planning to buy almost 15 new companies next year.

Michael Brown, corporate development manager at Facebook,said that the targeted companies

will be a mix of talent acquisitions, where we’re looking for people to run important parts of our product [and] who have a really strong vision.

facebook buying 15 companies in 2011


This is like Facebook will acquire companies that will help it to rise more and in a better way. It is always good to mix and match other things and help your company to do good. I think these mergers will prove very good for Facebook. They will work in Facebook’s profit.

What do you think of such mergers? Share your thoughts with me through the comments below.