Facebook to Unveil Something Big on 15th January

Facebook is sending out invites for an event on 15th January at their corporate headquarters. Facebook will unveil something big at the event.

Facebook will be hosting an event at their corporate headquarters. The invite they sent out to The Verge indicates that something big will be unveiled on the 15th of January. The invite suggests they have been building something for a while. 

Facebook Invite

What could Facebook be building?

Conspiracy theorist in me could go wild thinking that they might be announcing a new Facebook phone or a Facebook browser. Maybe even a new overhaul of the design (very unlikely) as I am not a fan of the Facebook’s current design.

But the saner voice in me suggests it would me something related to making revenues and doing that on mobile phones. So they might be rolling out new services which allow them to make money from their Facebook app across various mobile platforms. It has only in recently started pushing better designed native apps for Android and iPhone users.

Whatever it is, we will be covering it here. 🙂