Facebook Event on 8 Feb: Are you Invited ?

Well, yes Facebook is having a big event on February 8 2011. Facebook has started to distribute invitations for its big event this Tuesday which is likely to be when they announce they are moving to new headquarters.

The conference will take place in Menlo Park City Hall, California, and many people have predicted that Mark Zuckerberg will tell the world that his company are moving their operations to the Silicon Valley city area. Wow, so finally Facebook headquarters are shifting their base.

Reason for this is not yet known. Why would Facebook shift, may be they want a bigger area, may be they just want a change ! Lets see what happens and what is decided . Till then let me know what you think is the reason.


kishore February 7, 2011

when business getting increased and developing every company would like to have bigger premises.

Himadri Dimri February 8, 2011

Yes can be!

somanshu February 8, 2011

may be they want to be there because that place is famous for tech giants and in nxt few yrs they will be one of them…….

Himadri Dimri February 8, 2011

Even I think so lets see…