Facebook events like “First 100000 will get free iphone/shoes” are fake!

This post is to inform you guys that Facebook events like this one “The first 100000 participants Will Get cool Facebook iphone Free” and many others are fake. Facebook users are blindly following the instructions given on such events to get a free gift which they are never going to get. Following these instructions results into spamming or even hacking of your account so beware of them.

Yesterday I got an invitation of this iPhone event and then one after another my friends started inviting me and it spread like a fire. But nobody thought that why they will give a free iPhone to a million Facebook users? The answer is that they are not giving it to anyone, they are just increasing fan count for their page.

events fake facebook

There are some other events as well like first million people will get free pair of shoes, click like to get a free Tee-Shirt e.t.c, all are fake. Only events created by an official Facebook page of a brand are genuine. So next time do not invite your friends or click “Attending” to useless events. This might harm your privacy or misuse your information in other ways.

Share this post and inform your friends as well to protect them.