Facebook introduces Twitter like hashtags in news feed

Facebook joins the likes of Twitter and Google+ in introducing Hastags being clickable links. These will allow users to click on hastags and get access to all updates featuring that particular hashtag.

Facebook Reveals Twitter Like HashtagsFacebook has copied Twitter once again. First time they copied them when they revealed newly designed News Feed and said that they want to make our news feed look like a personalized news paper (which is what Twitter actually is). Then they copied them by launching blue verified check marks for celebrity pages and now they’re copying their rival once again by showing hashtags in the News Feed.

If you enjoy #hashtags on Twitter, Instagram or Google+ then you will be able to enjoy it on Facebook too. Till now hashtags on Facebook used to look like plain, regular text without any link to accompany them. But now they will become clickable with a link. If you enjoyed a status update on any topic and it contains a hashtag, then you can view more updates on the same topic by clicking on that hashtag.

What happens to Privacy?

When it comes to the visibility of your own posts in hashtag feeds, then Facebook says that your private posts will still remain private and they won’t show up to any unintended audiences in hashtag feeds. So your privacy will remain in your control. And based on this feature, company is planning to roll out trending hashtags and some other exciting secondary features too in the upcoming days.

What are your views on Facebook introducing hashtags? Will it add to the spam on Facebook? Do drop in your comments.

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Mallesh June 16, 2013

Hashtags are always useful for marketing. Hope the FB Hashtags will help boost in marketing era…