Facebook Lite available in India.


The much awaited lighter version of Facebook is out in India and United States. Visit the Facebook Lite link and it takes you to a stylish looking new Facebook sign-in interface.

Facebook had announced it was coming out with Facebook Lite almost a month ago, which would be a simpler version of Facebook without Apps for users in countries with lower internet bandwidth.The idea was to increase its user base considerably around the world. That explains why Facebook Lite is available in India.

Release in the US?

My personal opinion is that Facebook is releasing its Lite version for a strategic purpose.

  • Facebook is trying to stop Twitter’s phenomenal rise. Many users don’t really need access to all the applications and games available on Facebook.
  • It allows current users a interface which is less cluttered and very streamlined. This will possibly dissuade the need for current Facebook users to migrate to Twitter or even sign-up to Twitter.
  • Facebook Lite seems like a ideal interface for Facebook users to access the content through mobile phones.

Hence Facebook Lite is available in the US in-spite of it having no issues with low internet speeds!

Link: Facebook Lite | Facebook


Richie S September 11, 2009

Oh, just been to FB lite and am already liking it!!

Sourish Nath September 12, 2009

Yah.I have it too