Facebook Pages get a Makeover !

Facebook pages have got a make over. Today in the morning when I logged into Facebook account and thought of checking my Facebook page, I was prompted a Facebook page upgrade.

Facebook pages got a makeover today ! Today in the morning when I logged into my account and thought of checking my Facebook page, I was prompted a Facebook page upgrade.

What’s New in Facebook Page ?

  • Showcase your Latest photo : The most recent photos that are posted to the wall or tagged are displayed on the upper hand side of your Facebook page. If you choose to hide any just click on ‘X’ .
  • Navigation is shifted to Left : Just like Facebook profiles, the navigation is shifted to left here. It’s no more on the right hand side of the Facebook Page.
  • Show the top post on the wall: You are provided by two wall filters to choose from. You can either show posts by your page or the top posts by everyone. For editing these settings just click on edit settings that is provided to you.
  • Use Facebook as your Page : Well this is my favorite one. Now, I can get to know when my Facebook Page’s fan interact on a post, comment or just like one. So I can get notifications of it all which will make managing much easier! 🙂
  • New Settings :  You can manage the notifications, email and everything. Wow.

How to Upgrade your Facebook Page ?

Just click on ‘Upgrade this Page’ as in the image below.

This new profile will be made mandatory to everyone till March 10. Before that we can choose to upgrade or just preview our pages. Its like the Facebook new profile, some people kind of love it and others hate. But, the bottom of it all is, that it is mandatory for all and once turned into a new Facebook page you can’t go back.

I kind of liked the filters and the option of making my page as my Profile. This will make managing page a hell lot of easier. What do you think ? Did you upgrade your Page and did you like the new experience ? Share your thoughts with me on this.


Puneet Sahalot February 11, 2011

there are hell lot of new things… I liked it a lot 🙂 two best things are : I can use facebook page as my profile. Second, the elimination of tab limits. Now all tabs are in left, so we can have more than six tabs 🙂

Himadri Dimri February 11, 2011

So true Puneet I second you on this!