Facebook introduces Centralized App Center

If you’ve been following tech news lately, you might have heard of rumors about Facebook releasing an appstore, which came out to be true. While there are too many appstores right now, both on mobile and desktop (wait for the Windows 8 appstore), Facebook still has a point on releasing this appstore, and that’s Opengraph.

There has been an immense growth in the number of apps using Facebook’s Opengraph and Timeline features lately, right from Spotify to Quora, and so, it makes sense to put all these apps (which may work on multiple platforms – web, mobile) in a single place.

Facebook appcenter
Facebook Appcenter

The Facebook appcenter will be available both on web and mobile platforms. What’s interesting is, Facebook will showcase only the high quality apps, which they will sort out by the ratings they get. Now, I don’t think that’s a good news for a developer, which I’m not. The appcenter will certainly allow paid apps, and you can get your app details page.

The app details page is kind of inspired by the Timeline UI, shows a cover photo and all the details related to the app. If the app you’re viewing is available on mobile platforms, then you’ll be sent to the download page, which will be either Play store, or the iOS appstore. So, in short, Facebook wants to show that there are some really worthy Facebook apps, breaking the general opinion that they are spammy.

The store has just rolled out, and you can access it on the web and Android but not on the iPad, as Robert Scoble puts it.

Link: Facebook appcenter