Facebook’s “Year in Review” Shows Your Life’s Top 20 Moments for 2012

The month of December, is one of those when many people take a look back at what happened in the year. Most media outlets often showcase important events that happened during the year. Facebook has personalized this by allowing users to look back at the top 20 moments on their profiles page. This is introduced as a feature called “Year in Review”.

If you are logged into your Facebook account today, you should see the link (see image below) to your “Year in Review”. Users can also share this link for others to take a look at the years events on your profile. Since Facebook has the Timeline feature for over a year, this sort of reviewing a year was expected.

Just click on that link and you will be able to look back at the whole year and 20 most important updates on your profile.

You can also check it directly with by entering the URL in this format.


This way I can actually check the review the year of any Facebook user, as long as I know their username ID. The privacy options remain intact and that means not everyone sees the same year in review. For example your top photos for you might not show to others who you have not shared the photos with.

I tired to check if the same can be used for Facebook Pages but it does not work.

I actually do not use Facebook for a lot of check-ins or share too many personal photos. I also do not add Life Events, so that might be a reason my year in review is not as interesting. But I am sure a lot of very active Facebook users will enjoy looking back at the year’s memories.

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Link: Facebook Year in Review