Feeds are working now. Sorry for inconvenience.

Our subscribers had problem from last few days regarding our feeds. As I was busy I couldn’t dig into more details then. The problem turn out to be some large posts made content larger than 512 KB, which is limit imposed by feedburner, the service I am using for burning my feeds. Below is screenshot of error page.

feedburner error 502

I should have taken issue more seriously but something like size problem was never crossed my mind. So sorry for inconvenience. Feed is now appearing in feed-readers as well as in inbox for those who use email subscription.

Thanks to Anil, Kamran, Ankur, Gagan, Gaurav and Pranav for your mails/comments on the issue 🙂


Gaurav June 8, 2008

Yay! they are working now 😀

Rahul Bansal June 8, 2008

Thanks for your feedback….
Sorry I forgot to mention your name earlier… 🙁