Get Firebug Lite on Your Chrome Browser

Firebug_lite_logoEveryone who has done a little bit of tweaking with CSS or is a into web-designing, would surely be well versed with Firebug Add-on with Firefox. This add-on is mainly used by most developers, as it allows making changes and seeing them on a live website.

At rtCamp, many colleagues stick to Firefox even though I keep recommending Chrome. Their first argument seems to be Firefox has so many add-ons and Firebug seems to be highly recommended.

Firebug Lite is available with Chrome. It is lightweight and has quite a few functionalities of Firebug add-on on Firefox.

Firebug Lite Features

  • Firebug Lite can be activated for a particular domain. So every time you visit a particular domain with Chrome, Firebug Lite starts.
  • We can inspect and change HTML in real-time. A lot of the features are pretty similar to Firebug  on Firefox.
  • The extension seems to be a lot faster and quicker with Chrome, especially if you are using Firebug Bookmarklet.
  • Unfortunately Firebug Lite does not support pages with frames and JavaScript debugger is also not available.


Even though I am not a web-designer and chances are I would only use Firebug Lite for some fun learning, I think having the power of Firebug on Chrome is another reason for me to stop using Firefox. 😛

What do you think about it? Do drop in your comments.

Link: Firebug Lite Chrome