Flipkart’s MP3 Store Flyte is Availabe on Android

It looks like the Indian music fans are in for some exciting times. Most people who listened to MP3 music, downloaded pirated versions. The reason behind this was there were hardly any DRM free MP3 music being sold legally. In the world where people literally have a thousand songs on their mobile phones, India badly needs more online music stores.

Flipkart introduced Flyte, a service which sells DRM free MP3 files. It is priced reasonably and users can download music files and pay for it online. Now Flipkart’s Flyte has been made available on Google Play for all Android phones.

Flipkart’s Flyte App for Android

  • The app itself is free but to buy songs you will need a Flipkart account and balance on Flipkart Wallet.
  • The app downloads the music on your phone and is made available offline. The service also gives you access to the online library where all the songs you have bought are saved.
  • You can also choose between the bitrate for a particular song before downloading it.

Flipkart Flyte could be the next big thing

It is easy to wonder why people would pay for something they get free but caller tunes is a huge business in India and people actually pay to have the latest songs as caller tunes on their mobile phones. So mobile users are not exactly unknown to the concept of paying for music and this is could really help the Flyte take off.

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Link: Flipkart Flyte on Google Play