Gender Recognition System for Targeted Web Advertizing?

image Technology is getting more and more sophisticated by the day. A couple of weeks back I had written a post on how a software could change your gender on the computer instantly. Today, the post talks about a newly developed “Gender Recognition System” that could change the way advertising will work for you in the future.

What does Gender Recognition System do?

A*Star (Singapore’s Agency for Science, Technology and Research) has developed a smart image recognition software that has the ability to detect frontal human faces on digital video stream quickly and reliably. This technology was displayed at CommunicAsia 2009, held at the Singapore Expo.

  • Based on the extracted face images, the engine is able to simultaneously detect the genders of multiple persons. It recognizes someone as either a guy or a girl when an image of a person is captured with a regular webcam.
  • In addition to that, it can return the statistic of the viewers such as the number of person looking at the screen.

For example:

It can be set up to deploy targeted advertisements – a beer ad for a guy walking past and a shoes ad for a girl strolling across.

Targeted Advertising?

Advertisers across the globe are now looking for marketing vehicles that have better customer receptivity. With the growing consumer demand and their reduced attention span, the effectiveness of traditional mass media has tremendously gone down.


The Internet has attracted billions of advertising dollars. Gender Recognition System can help in more effective displaying of information, branding and offering an enhanced customer experience. In summary, this technology cold provide the means to measure audience demographics which could be helpful for the advertising industry.


  • Efficient retrieval of statistics that includes
  • Gender detection
  • Attention span
  • Audience count
  • Non-intrusive detection
  • Support low-cost camera
  • SDK for integrating engine into the hosting application


  • Recognize the gender of the user with low cost camera
  • Real time detection (6 frames / second)
  • Support simultaneous multiple objects detection
  • Support object counting
  • SDK available


  • Development is done on Windows Platform

Currently, the gender-recognition system is in its beta and hopes to come up with the next version by the year-end.

Link: exploit-tech

(Source: exploit-tech | Gender Recognition System)

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