Get vertical tabs with Chrome

Browsers have really evolved every since they had something called Tab browsing. No need to open 10 seperate windows as all of them would open in tabs under just one window. It was started by Opera browser and now any browser worthy of being mentioned has tab browsing.

I usually use Chrome browser since the last couple of months. Do switch between Firefox as I do use it for my favourite add-ons but I can not help using Chrome more and more. At any given time I am signed into two email accounts, Facebook, Google Reader and all the blogs on rtBlogs. That is a total of 9  tabs I have open on Chrome at any point of time. This does mean I can easily have 15-20 tabs open when I start looking up pages and lose track. This is where the vertical tab look-up extension helps a great deal.

Here is an image of the vertical tab extension works in Chrome.


This extension is really useful and I wonder why it is not a feature in all browsers. I think Internet Explorer 8.0 does have similar functionality with Tab List and even Firefox on the right hand corner has a list showing all tabs. But they are not as impressive and useful as this extension. Because it is an extension and not a feature there are options like allowing the extension to display the number of tabs open to also having a search box to look up the tabs.

If you are reading this post with Google Chrome download the extension by clicking here.

Let me know what do you think about the vertical lookup of tabs. Will you find it useful?


vivek jain February 6, 2010

Thanks aditya.. I badly needed this one.
I think the tabs shouldn’t be multi lined. Have to scroll to see all my tabs. Still it serves the purpose. 😀

Mike May 27, 2010

Still annoying that there isn’t an extension like Firefox’s Treestyle Tabs which shows your tabs in a column down the left (or right I guess) side of the browser. Whats the use of having a widescreen monitor if chrome insists on running as if I have a crappy old 4:3 screen. All that widescreenness is just wasted.