Gmail puts Ads in your Email: Here is How to Opt-Out

Gmail is now showing targeted ads in the form of an email in the promotion tab. A few tips on how users can opt-out of interest based ads which use user data to send emails in a targeted manner.

Gmail has recently changed the way our Inbox is organized by adding tabbed categories. One of them is “Promotions”, where apparently all the advertisement like emails show up. But Gmail is not just eyeing that “Promotions” tab to organize email for us, they want to sell us stuff. This is why you might start seeing sponsored or Gmail ads in the form of emails like seen in the image below.

Ads in my Gmail Inbox

This is Google’s attempt at making their advertising more accurate and contextual on Gmail. I think this is not going to be very popular in the beginning but it might be popular if Google does not spam too much. I honestly think if Google is going to send one advertisement email every day, no one might really bother checking it.

But Google does offer a way for users to tweaking their ad settings and opt-out of ad targetting based on your data.

How to opt-out of interest based ads on Google?

Once you signed-in to Gmail, visit “” and go right upto the end of the ad preferences page.


There are two options to opt-out of the interest-based ads on Google and also across the web. Note, this does not mean.

Email Ads are here to stay!

Even though Gmail might allow users to opt-out of interest based ads, it will not stop sending ads in our Inbox. It only means it will not use our data to target us specifically. I rather allow targeted ads than random ads.

The fact seems, if we want a free service, ads are something we will have to live with.

Are you seeing ads in your Gmail Inbox? Do drop in your comments what you think of them?

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tomin July 27, 2013

Anyway I like the new gmail inbox. It’s time saving and useful in selecting important emails instantly.