Gmail – Unread Mail Count in Favicon

gmail_unread mailYou may be wondering, what am I talking about? Its just a silly thing which would help you work easily on Gmail. Using a Greasemonkey script developed by Lifehacker, you can easily view the total unread mails count in the favicon image of Gmail and it does not matter which page you are in – Drafts, sent items, Labels, starred, etc.

For those who don’t know what exactly favicon are, it is a tiny image used for easily recognizing a website, which can be seen behind the address bar. As you can see in the image here, the ‘Gmail Logo’ is the favicon for Gmail along with which the total unread mails count can be spotted.

So, if you are a Gmail addict like me, all I would say is just go and install this script. Also, before installing the script be sure that you are a firefox user with Greasemonkey installed in it. Oops!! I forgot to mention, as greasemonkey is only for firefox, the script can only be used in firefox. 😉

Links: Greasemonkey | Gmail Unread Message Count Script

Script Credit: Lifehacker


Gautam January 6, 2009

I use the sidebar widget on the Google Desktop (Sidebar).
It was somewhere published by Rahul some days back….

Deepak Jain January 6, 2009

@ Gautam
Hmm.. That is good too 🙂
BTW that post was published by me 😉

Gautam January 7, 2009

Oh…. Lol 😛
Nice post waise, Google Desktop rocks, atleast its better from the standard Vista bar.

Sam Sandqvist January 7, 2009

Works very nicely indeed, many thanks!

However, I think we don’t really need to show anything if there are no unread mails, i.e., for 0 we should omit the green 0 unread count.

I tried to change the script, line 112
to read instead
if (index > 0) { this.setIcon_(icon); }

but it didn’t work. How can I affect this change?