‘Google Keep’ gets an official Chrome App

Google Keep finally gets an official Chrome app that allows users to create task-lists, notes and images from their Chrome browser. Google Keep syncs with Android phones at the moment.

Google Keep is a service that is the Evernote clone from Google. It is baked into Google Drive and that allows syncing notes between web, phone and tablets. Today, Google has released a Chrome app for Google Keep. The app basically opens a small window that allows you to edit and read your notes that you have on Google Keep.

Google Keep Chrome App

Google Keep Chrome App features

  • Install the Chrome app and it shows up with the Google Keep icon on your Chrome’s new page layout.
  • The app opens a small window that can be kept open through the day while we can add new notes and task lists.
  • All the notes automatically sync with Google Keep app for Android.
  • There are still some downsides of using Google Keep on Chrome. I would have preferred a right-click option to open the window. An extension instead of an app would have been better.

Is Google Keep useful?

I have started using Google Keep more than my favourite task manager called Any.do. But unfortunately Google Keep has only a Android app but nothing available for iPhone or iPad devices. But considering Google I/O conference takes place in a couple of week, a lot of new announcements on updates will be expected.

Do try out Google Keep on Chrome and drop in your comments.

Link: Google Keep Chrome App