Google Keep updated with searchable images, trashcan and List Settings

Google Keep just got three new features : text search in images, trashcan to recover deleted notes and list settings to auto organize lists.

Google Keep for Android has been updated. The Android team sent a tweet on Twitter announcing this new update. This update brings three interesting features : text search in images, trashcan and List Settings to auto organize lists.

In-image text search is an useful feature that scans your images for the text input that you give.


Trashcan is a temporary location that stores your deleted notes. It will help you to recover notes that you deleted accidentally. Note that, deleting and archiving notes are different.

List Settings brings an option to program has the lists organize themselves. You can choose the position of a new text to the list and what happens to the checked off lists.


Hopefully there will be many more updates coming to Google Keep in the near future. Some of the features that I would like to see are : integration with Google Drive, Gmail, Night Mode, shared notes with other Google accounts and protected notes.

Do you have anything that you would like to see in Google Keep? Share your thoughts with us.

Link : Google Keep on Google Play Store