Google Person Finder to trace missing people at Uttarakhand floods launches person finder page dedicated to Uttarakhand floods that will trace missing persons during the natural disaster.

Google Person Finder

The recent floods at Uttrakhand has devastated many districts in the state of Uttrakhand. While thousands are being evacuated, like most natural disasters there are many people who are missing. Google has a person finder page put up dedicated to finding information on missing people because of the Uttarakhand floods.

Google person finder is not compiling official records of missing persons but it allows anyone to put up information of people who are missing. There is an option to update this information on a person you might have information about too. Currently at the time of writing this post, there seems to be over 1300 records being tracked.

The data is open and not verified by Google but crowd-sourcing probably helps out getting a lot more information out there. Also as the administration fights the floods and updates their official lists but not in a centralized manner, Google’s person finder could be a boon.

Link: Google Person Finder – Uttarakhand Floods

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Rajesh July 11, 2013

Its was nice to see Internet giant’s come forward for help .
though there no responsibly on there shoulder but still they did, we salute u Google !