Google sends out invites for Android event on October 29th

If you’ve been following news lately, you might have read about rumors claiming Google releasing few Nexus devices on 29th of this month. Google has now officially confirmed the Android event and has sent out invites.


The event will take place in NYC, starting at 9 A.M on Monday. You can make out that Google is going to release a new Nexus 7 (probably a 32GB one?), by the tag line “The playground is open”.

If the rumors are to believed, Google is going to unveil a lot of stuff on the day, including Android 4.2, a LG/Sony Nexus, a 32/64 GB Nexus 7. Google might even surprise with a 99$ Nexus, targeting the low-cost Android tablets like Kindle Fire.

iPad mini priced at 249$ will also urge Google to release an entry level version of Nexus 7.

Apparently, this event is going to take place after Microsoft’s Windows 8 and Apple’s iPad mini events.

Best thing about the event? It will be streamed live in the Android Developers channel on YouTube.