Google Introduces SIRI Competitor “Enhanced Voice Search” for iPhone

One of the major upgrade announced to the Google Search app, with Android 4.1 (Jellybeans, was its enhanced voice search feature. It allows users to speak into the phone a search query and get results spoken back to them.

Yes! It was considered Google’s own version of SIRI, which is a voice assistant app introduced with iPhone 4S.

Today, Google uploaded a video that shows the voice search working with an iPhone.

Note: The video is up but the updated version for iOS will be available in the next couple of days.

Apple’s SIRI as competition to Google!

I doubt Apple, realistically thought of SIRI as a competitor to replace Google. But a primary search feature, that is “NOT Google” on the iPhone, might have started ringing enough alarm bells at Google.

So now with enhanced voice search app, Google seems to have got SIRI covered. The only problem is how much will people actively use it instead of SIRI.

Google has recently pushed the Chrome browser for iPhone /iPad users too, which could be an alternative to Apple’s own Safari browser. Apple too is introducing a new Maps feature with iOS6 update. It will replace, Google Maps as the default maps application.

As long as these two companies are competing with new features and innovations, instead of law suits, I guess the customer is winning. 😉

Have your used Google’s enhanced search feature on your phone? Do you think it is as good as SIRI or better? Do drop in your comments.

Link: Google Enhanced Voice Search