Google SMS Channels: New Group Messaging Service

This time, Google comes up with a new and innovative service for mobile phone subscribes. After SMS based search, Google has recently announced the launch of Google SMS Channels, that is a platform to send group SMS free of cost. May be, you can call it the improved version of existing group messaging services like SMSgupshup and Mytoday.

In case you are interested, listed below are few of the pros and cons of Google SMS Channels.


  • Unlike other group SMS providers, Google’s SMS channel does not add any advertisements on the message footer, so group publishers get full 160 character messages to post.
  • Compared to other group messaging providers, Google gets its message published faster and FREE.
  • Supports Blogger blogs, Google groups, Google Alerts, RSS feed URL and custom messages.
  • Subscriber point of view, option to set the maximum number of Incoming messages.


  • After going through the service in detail, I could manage to find only single disadvantage in Google SMS channels that, unlike SMSgupshup a group owner himself cannot add subscribers to his/her channel. But again, this is good subscribers point of view, as they might not get spammed by channels that they don’t want to subscribe to.

Google SMS channel for Devilsworkshop:

We have created a channel to keep you informed via SMS. To Join,

  • Either Subscribe here.
  • Or send an SMS: ‘ON DEVILSWORKSHOP’ to 09870807070

We have also created a dedicated channel for our Orkut users:

  • Either Subscribe here.
  • Or send an SMS: ‘ON ORKUTBLOG’ to 09870807070

This innovative initiative by Google surely deserves 2 thumbs up from all mobile users in India. Even I personally feel this bandwagon from Google deserves 4.5 stars out of 5. We are interested to hear your say, too!

Links: Google SMS channels (FAQ)

(via: Labnol)

[Editor Note: This is first post by Deepak Jain on this blog. He blogs at MobileGyaan about mobile softwares & technology. Deepak was in news for demonstrating loopholes in SMS technology.

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Deepak October 3, 2008

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