Grab 25-cent Android apps and Games on Play Store

Google’s Play store has lately hit 25 Billion app downloads with over 6,00,000 Android apps (as said by Google in I/0 2012). Apple’s Appstore too has reached the same milestone this year.


Now, as you’d expect, there’s a nice promotion going on for discounted apps and games.

The offer lasts for 5 days and on each day, you get a set of paid Android apps at a price of 25 cents. Today is the second day of the promotion and you have apps like Sketchbook Mobile, Paper Camera and also games like Fifa 12 – all for 25 cents.

You’ll also get discounts for collections like, 25 movies you must own, 25 top selling magazines, etc., but that’s only for countries where Play store is fully available. For example, India is not in that list.

Just last year, Google had a similar promotional offer, selling 10-cent Android apps after the Android market has hit 10 billion downloads.

Also, many iOS apps like Instagram, Zite, Temple Run, Flipboard and many others got ported to Android. All this shows how fast the Play store is growing.

If you own an Android, head on to Play store and get most out of the offer!

Link: Google Play