We are a community technology blog, meaning we have many guest authors who contribute to us. Blogging is a creative activity, so there are no hard and fast rules for blogging but here are some guidelines which are followed by most editors, authors and guest authors on Devils’ Workshop.

Choosing a Topic:

  • Make sure that whatever you decide to write about, it is your original work and has never been published online before.
  • We cover latest technology news on mobile phones, apps, web 2.0, social media and WordPress.
  • Make sure the topic you choose to cover is also relevant at the point of time.

Writing tools:

  • Ideally we prefer you register with our blog and submit your post for approval on our blog.
  • We usually do not prefer to publish posts received in via email.
  • You can use Windows Live Writer to write your blog posts on Devils’ Workshop.
  • In case you have written a post on MS Word, then make sure to use WordPress post editor feature for pasting text from Word (see image below).

Guidelines - Word to WordPress

Choosing a Title for the Post:

  • Usually a good post title is simple and not too long, relevant to the content.
  • Even thought post titles are read first it would be a good idea to finish the post and take as long as you can over choosing the correct title.
  • Always make sure your Title is in present tense. For example: “Google+ introduced new feature” can be written as “Google+ introduces new feature”.
  • Avoid ending the title of a post with a full stop.
  • Use simple terms which are more likely to be interesting. For example use terms like “iPhone” or “iPad” instead of “iOS”.

Post Content:

  • Ideal format for the post is to split it into 3 parts. First being the introduction, then the body and finally a conclusion.
  • The post has no minimum requirement for the number of words that need to be used.
  • Make sure your post is formatted correctly. Use Header 2 and Header 3 to split your post content in to different parts if necessary.

Guidelines - Use Header Tags


  • If you are writing down points make sure to use “Ordered List” or “Unordered List”.

Guidelines - Usings Lists


  • Insert relevant images in your post. If you are writing about a tutorial or reviewing something, add as many screenshots as possible.
  • Always upload the images on our blog instead of linking them from other sources. If you are using artwork from another source, give proper credit to the source.
  • We also encourage inserting video demos in the post, just make sure they are from valid sources.

Adding Links:

  • Links are very important in your post. If you are reviewing a software or web app, make sure to insert proper links in the post.
  • Link to relevant content within our blog and also from outside if it makes the post better. Ideally add your links within the post content itself.
  • We also prefer adding links at the end of the post which are about the content. See examples below.

Example of Adding links at the end of the post:-

Link: Devils’ Workshop | rtCamp

Example of Crediting a source after the post content:-

(via Devils’ Workshop)

  • Do not insert links from untrusted sources and also never insert affiliate or paid text links in the post content.

IMPORTANT: Do not insert any links in the post which are not related to content. Links to personal webpages or Blogs should be entered on in your profile page with us.

Publishing Posts:

  • By default whenever someone registers on our blog, they have contributor rights.
  • The post is reviewed by a Editor and some sort of action is taken within a day.
  • Ideally if all goes right, the post is published. Sometimes if some changes are needed the editor will get in touch with the author via email.
  • If the post is rejected, the author will be informed via email why the post is not suitable to be published.

In case you have more questions on writing for us, do contact us on this Support Forum.