Gurgaon Police launches a Facebook Page

I am always thrilled by social media. You can use it for social networking or for spreading awareness. One such news I came along this afternoon.

I am always thrilled by social media. You can use it for social networking or for spreading awareness. This afternoon I came across this new Page being launched by Gurgaon Traffic Police.

After the success of Delhi Traffic Police’s Facebook page now Gurgaon Traffic Police has announced that they will now post the photos, and information about those who violate traffic laws on the Gurgaon Traffic Police’s webpage. This service is launched by Gurgaon Police Commissioner S S Deswal.

If you see anybody violating the traffic rules, just click the photo along with his bike/car number and paste it on the Facebook page. The account will be managed by police officials and that person will be charged. They have announced an SMS service also in which you can send a message if you see some violations. The photographs of repeat violators will be posted on this page. 🙂


These days youngsters and almost everyone is having a Facebook account and busy updating their status messages while on move. So, it wont be a problem for anyone. People can give suggestions on ways for improving the traffic scenario also by posting on the webpage.

I find this very interesting. This is a good way to check the traffic. Other states or cities should also come forward and do such things.What do you think? What else can be done? Share your views below through the comments.


Nandini Sharma July 30, 2011

My gold chain was snatched while I was standing in my society premises . Also one of the accomplices of the snatcher was caught on the spot with an active mobile phone and another gold chain plus a bike with badarpur RC.Fir was lodged with the sector-56 police station but nothing happened as the caught thief is not giving any information to the police (as in police words).
Nothing happens and culprits walks freely when there are no arressts , here police could have resolved many such chain snatchings and better measures could have been applied to curb same in future.
Hope sombody reads this and can do somthng about it.

Nandini Sharma July 30, 2011

Sir this took place on 5th of july 2011

Aruna Saini February 26, 2013

Its unfortunate that a thief who is caught and handed over to the police is still withholding information of his thief companion and still worse not even giving his personal details.
I want to know will he be allowed to go free in spite of the fact that he was an accomplice?