Happy Birthday Rahul – The celebration at DW continues!


It’s Rahul’s birthday today and we have yet another reason to celebrate! That’s right… the man behind Devils Workshop turns 25!

Most of the regulars on DW would already know about Rahul. For all those who don’t, I take this opportunity to present to you the “Half Saint… Half Sinner” – Rahul Bansal!

About Rahul Bansal

Rahul is a technology blogger, a consultant and also an expert enabler of Internet services. Over the years, he has mastered the intersection of internet technology and web community behavior.

clip_image002[14]The journey begins with Devils Workshop…

Focusing on posts on latest trends, news and analysis from the fields of mobile, computers and the Internet, Rahul started Devils Workshop as a technology blog in April 2007.

With his continued commitment, strong web analytics skills and business acumen of the Internet and the blog economy, Rahul raised Devils Workshop to be amongst the most visited blogs in India.


And today, DW stands as an established network of technology geeks and writers across India, the US and other countries.


Bigger the better

It was time to think “bigger and better”… Building on the success and experience of Devils Workshop and reciprocating to the love, response and enthusiasm of the members of this big family (including regular visitors, authors and co-bloggers) Rahul started new blog channels of various interests like

The birth of rtCamp


Rahul got his dream venture registered as rtCamp Solutions Pvt. Ltd. in March 2009.

Wirh rtCamp, Rahul started consultation services in strategizing and enabling internet solutions to clients. Wanting to do more, he also started developing various software codes and plug-ins, leveraging the knowledge of internet technology and social networking, to provide specific internet solutions. The areas where he is an expert at are WordPress plug-ins, WordPress themes, Facebook applications, Websites & portal development, and hosting.

This was a big move, and with this came bigger responsibilities. Currently he is focusing on expanding the team of software engineers and technology managers.

Living life to the fullest…

In his free time (besides sleeping) Rahul likes to party, go out on long drives, watch movies and read books. Few of his favorite party places are Stone Water Grill in Pune while his favorite books are The Fountainhead, Godfather and Digital Fortress.


A lover of good food and music (mostly rock, grunge and trance), Rahul aspires to be richest man in the world!

Well well… with the way things are going, the day doesn’t seem too far 🙂

Please join me in wishing Rahul a very

“happy birthday”

and continued success in the years to come.

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    1. @Nishant Soni: Belated Happy birthday to you too Nishant! Best wishes for the coming year.

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    Thanks all for your warm wishes. 🙂

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