How to Hide Your Details in Shared Endorsements in Google Ads

The recent update in Google's ToS shows people's name and photo as 'Shared Endorsements' in Google ads too. Learn how to disable showing your details.

When you +1 something, your name and photo will be shown to friends and others.These are called¬†Shared Endorsements.¬†Till October 10th, your details were shown only to +1’s done on places like Google Play.

Google updated it’s Terms of Service (ToS) on October 11th, 2013. 3 main changes have been announced.

  1. Your name and photo will be shown in ‘Shared Endorsements’ in Google ads, in addition to shown in other contexts like Google Play +1s
  2. Awareness on how to keep your mobile devices safe.
  3. Awareness on how to give your Google password safe.

Thankfully, Google gives us an option to opt out from this. You can choose to not show your name and photo on Google ads.

How to hide your details in Shared Endorsements in Google ads?

  1. Go to Shared Endorsements settings.
  2. There you will find an option to disable showing your details on Google ads.
  3. Un-check that and save the settings.

Google Ads Shared Endorsements Settings

Note : For those aged below 18, things are different. Their details will not be shown in the shared endorsements, but they may see shared endorsements from others.

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