Historic Tweet "Four More Years" was not by Barack Obama

A few hours ago, I wrote about Barack Obama’s iconic “Four More Years” update which broke many records on Twitter and Facebook. The update itself was completely missing from Google+. But chances are that the historic tweet on Obama’s Twitter account were not really Obama’s words.

Now it is reasonable to expect that social media accounts by Presidents of countries are not managed by the actualy person and possible managed by staff members. On Obama’s Twitter account, it clearly states that the account is managed by

On Twitter, all the tweets by the U.S. President are tagged “–bo”. For instance check the tweet at this link.

The iconic Tweet which seems to also be “Promoted” on Twitter does not carry the “-bo” tag. A previous tweet as pointed out carries the “-bo” tag. 😉

So chances are, the person behind the tweet that broke Twitter and Facebook records was a staff member working for Obama.

Though it is well known that very famous politicians usually do not manage their own social media accounts and are usually run by social media experts. But the tagging on Obama’s accounts does mean that atleast his followers know which one is sent by the man himself and which one is not.