Hola Unblocker: Faster access to Geographically locked websites

Hola unblocker gives you access to geographically blocked sites without using proxies - so it is much faster and reliable.

Being open is the basic nature of web. But there’s a lot of restricted material too and that can be pretty annoying.

Web services getting locked to few specific countries – is nothing new. Think of Spotify, Netflix, Hulu etc. If you’re not living in the US, you’re left out. Easiest way to get around this is to use proxies. But proxies can be filled with ads. They can be ridiculously slow, or might be temporarily down.

Hola Unblocker unblocks these blocked sites, in a much faster way and is ad-free.


So what’s new about this unblocker? Hola doesn’t use proxies. It works in a much different fashion.

It uses peer-to-peer connection, like say BitTorrent, to cache websites. So when you request a webpage, your request is routed through other Hola users’ computers.

To put it in a simple way, if you’re living in India and access Rdio (which is not accessible in India), your HTTP request is routed through a US Hola user’s computer and so you’ll see the exact same webpage as that person sees.

This indeed means, more data usage for you, but the blocked sites load very fastly. I used it for listening to Rdio and it worked well.

Hola works with many music services, social networks by default. But if your favourite service is missing in that list, try googling for its ‘hscript’ – which is an extension for Hola. For example, here’s the hscript for Rdio.

Simplest way to use Hola is to install it as a Chrome extension, or Mozilla add-on if you prefer. There are native apps for Windows and Android too.

Link: Hola Unblocker