How much of your website is visible?

If you are a web designer you might want to know how much of your site is visible to visitors. Google has come up with a model to let you analyze how much of the browser window is open to be viewed by users. This is crucial as sometimes you might have a significant number of visitors not paying attention to certain parts of your website. It could be a donate button or even a link to subscribe to your blog.


Google Browser Size

  • Just visit the Google Browser Size page. Here you need to enter the URL you want to check for browser size.
  • Immediately the browser size is represented in a graph along with website as the background. Check image below for a representation. The opacity can be increased or decreased.
  • This showed that over 50% of the internet users view all of DW website while some might not be viewing the subscribe button.
  • Just a word of caution before you feel disheartened, as these stats are taken from visits to and hence might not reflect all that correctly for other websites.  For example someone visiting a tech blog might actually explore it details as to not miss out on much.

Google Browser Size


I still think that it would be prudent for web designers to look up their websites through this Google tool and maybe start working on some minor adjustments if needed. Do check it out and drop in your comments with your views and opinions. 😉


Technologian January 25, 2010

I realized my site is also having a good visualization. I only have doubt how Google come up with this tool, and if this would really be an effective tool for most bloggers. I think this is more useful for web designers. One more thing, I think they need to elaborate more ‘coz I, myself, didn’t understand much after reading about browser size.

*Out of Topic: Just only a heads-up, I think you missed to check that your Twitter link is broken. The one that says: ” Editor in Chief of rtBlogs Network.Follow him on Twitter.”

Aditya Kane January 25, 2010

@Technologian: Google has come up with these stats based on how people view the Google search page. I think its a decent tool for any blogger to look up to have an idea of how much of the website can be seen. There is still a huge percentage of people who view websites with old browsers, and that can be an issue of a blogger if those readers cannot view vital links or ads.
That said I do not think tech blogs have a lot to worry about as I think one can assume that tech readers usually will be using the later versions of browsers.
Thanks for bring to my notice about the broken Twitter link. It’s fixed now. 🙂