How NOT to miss any WordCamp!

If you are using WordPress for blogging or development you are probably burning with desire to be present in New York City where WordCamp will be held on this weekend.

With over 50 speakers and many more wordpress experts in attendance, I would surely love to be there, just enriching myself with ideas they will be sharing. But the fact is, there is no way I can arrange for the resources for being part of WordCamp in New York. Even our developers at rtCamp were doing a bit of day dreaming about hoping onto the next flight to New York.

Then I came across this post on weblogtoolscollection which mentioned in a very tongue in cheek manner the website with name – I wish I was at Word Camp 😛

About I Wish I was at Word Camp

I Wish I was at Word Camp is a amazing website to keep in touch with what is happening at Word Camp New York. It comes with the tag line ‘Couldn’t cough up the money, huh?’ which shows a humorous side to the fact that even if you are in New York and not 10,000 miles away, the entry fee for a Sunday afternoon is $25 and if you want to attend the whole weekend and share your knowledge on WordPress it can go up to as high as $500.


I wish I was at Word Camp is quite handy when it comes to real time monitoring of events through various feeds on their homepage. It has design like PopUrls (read review) and purpose to.

From one page you can check twitter accounts of few top WordPress developers as well as can keep an eye on WordCamp NYC 2009’s twitter hashtag – #wcnyc

The website also includes pictures of participants posted through Flickr.

It seems like the folks at Word Camp are already started to enjoy! 😉