How to change Eye color in Photoshop? [Tutorial]

A tutorial that teaches how to change the eye color in a image with 3-4 quick and simple steps using Photoshop software.

In this tutorial we are going to learn how to change eye color using Photoshop. We can see a lot of tutorials about changing the color of the eyes but here I am going to keep it simple.

As you see in the image above you see the grey colored eyes being transformed into blue.

The Original Image

  • First thing to do is to create a duplicate layer of the image. Just select the image layer and Press Ctrl+J for a duplicate layer.

  • Now I selected the above Image Layer and made a selection around the eyes. Here I use the Pen Tool.

  • Be careful while you make the selection around the eyes and make sure it resembles something like you see in the image below.

  • Now repeat the above step for the other eye in the image.

  • Make sure you are on the selection done to the eyes and go to Image>Adjustments>Hue/Saturation ( Ctrl+U) and click on it.

  • Here we see the  Hue/Saturation pallet display on our screen. Keep the Hue Value – 200, Saturation Value – 30, Lightness – 0, and keep Colorize Check Box On.
  • You can take any value as you like. It depend on which color was you have given to Eye’s.

  • All right now Deselect the Eye’s selection just Press Ctrl+D to deselect the selection and here we got our Alter-net color of the Eye’s.

Final Image with eye color changed

This way we can change the eye color using Photoshop, if you liked this tutorial do look up other Photoshop Tutorials. Do drop in your view and ideas through you comments.


callezee November 1, 2010

Pen tool is important, its very useful and we can make and change the picture color easily… thanks for this “post” and thanks for this application to “Adobe”

iPhone App Development November 1, 2010

Cool tutorial. The change is so realistic too.

Sydney @ InteliWise November 16, 2010

I actually don’t use the pen tool, I often use the lasso. Are they the same or do they have the same use? 🙂

Huzaifa Darbar November 22, 2010

pen tool and lasso tool are very different, both has different functionality.