How To Mute Noisy Twitter Friends For A While

clip_image002Bizarre questions, unwanted comments and annoying or even embarrassing postings on Twitter? All this can really get on to your nerves. Sometimes you just want quiet and calm. Here is a new Twitter application called Muuter that can help you mute people when they are totally annoying, and that too in just a few clicks.

The application requires you to set the ‘unfollow’ option temporarily. But this brings us to the question –

clip_image004Why should you use Muuter when you could do this manually instead?

Well, here is why-

Doing it manually always comes with the risk of forgetting to follow a contact back again. This application does not forget to do so and takes care of things for you on its own. All you have to do it set the name to mute and define the time frame you want to mute it for. Then you could just forget about it.

How does this work?

When you mute someone with Muuter:

  • The app saves your request on the sites database
  • The it sends a command to Twitter so you stop following that person
  • When your set time passes, Muuter sends another command to Twitter so you start following that person again.

You can come back anytime if you want to unmute your friends to start following them back immediately. Pretty simple!

So, go ahead, manage your contacts automatically and mute all those on Twitter who have become too noisy for your taste for as long as you want – minutes, hours, days.

Link: muuter


Manpreet Singh Rehsi August 8, 2009

only one noisy person you are following can be a big problem. He/She can take all your peace of mind if you are working on an important issue. The application suggested by you can be of a great help. I shall definitely work with it.

alok August 18, 2009

well this seems to be Swati’s last post on rtCamp network.

Swati August 18, 2009

@manpreet: Rightly said. If you’ve tried it already, do share your experience with us.

@alok: Will try and write if time permits… office keeps me busy, therefore no time during the week.

Sutanto August 30, 2011

what if the person protects his/her twitter? would it be able to follow it again?