How to Schedule a Status message on Facebook using Hootsuite

Many of you might have heard about HootSuite, which is a free social media management tool. It can be used to manage your various profiles on multiple social networks.

One of the most interesting feature of HootSuite is that it can be used as a tool to schedule your statuses or posts on multiple social networks simultaneously! That’s a pretty useful feature.

How to Schedule a Status on Facebook?

1. You simply need to login to HootSuite using your Gmail or Yahoo account.fbknol hootsuite1

2. You will be notified that You have not added any tabs yet. Click on the  Create your first tab link to get started.

fbknol hootsuite2

3. Now click on Add a stream to add your Facebook stream to Hootsuite.

fbknol hootsuite 3

  1. Next, click on Facebook from the list of networks, and click on Create Stream.

fbknol hootsuite 3

5. On the message bar at the top, write your desired status, and click on Schedule Message.

fbknol hootsuite 5

  1. A calendar now appears, from which you can select the date and time on which you want to post your status.

fbknol hootsuite 6

  1. Finally, click on Schedule and your status will now be posted to your Facebook profile on the desired date and time.

fbknol hootsuite 7

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Link: HootSuite

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