[How to]Make Facebook your homepage

What’s your homepage? Google? Well, now it can be changed to Facebook. Yes, I got this update on my Facebook account today.

Facebook is prompting a message at the upper side of my Facebook profile saying that “Drag this to your home button to see what’s happening with friends as soon as you open your browser.” Some photographs of my friends is also being displayed along with the message. I just have to drag that button to my home and make Facebook as the homepage.


A recent study has shown that people tend to click that page more which is their landing page. Just like Google gets a lot of clicks as it’s the starting page for many. If Facebook becomes home page then that surely will get more clicks any how. Now that every 1 click out of 10 in U.S. is Facebook, I wonder what the next stats are going to be. When a person will see Facebook as the first thing, he surely will do it more. Your landing page matters a lot, just see how any online tool when downloaded asks you to make its website as your home page. 🙂

This is a sharp move being made by Mark Zuckerberg and I am sure this will increase their fan following a lot. This feature is now in the testing phase, not everyone has been prompted for it.So what are you going to do? Will you let Facebook  rule your world, even more? Share your views through the comments below.

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