HTC One with Stock Android on June 26

HTC and Google have now partnered and have decided to launch a HTC One with stock Android, aiming to deliver the best Nexus experience to the Android users.

On the heels of Samsung Galaxy S4 running stock Android being announced at Google I/O, Google is bringing a HTC One running pure Android on June 26. The HTC One has been a highly rated as the best looking Android phone out there.

The HTC One Nexus (HTC One with stock Android) will go for sale on Google Play on June 26. It will be available only for US consumers for now and the only variant available will be 32 GB. This Nexus styled variant of HTC One will be priced at $599. It is interesting to note that the stock Samsung Galaxy S4 is also being launched on the same day with a price tag of $649, $50 more than the stock HTC One. The software updates of this stock HTC One will be delivered to the users straight from Google without being customized by HTC.

stock-htc-oneImage Credits : HTC Official Blog

HTC One with Stock Android – Features

  • This HTC One with stock Android will start shipping only with a silver color.
  • Similar to the HTC One, this stock HTC One will also be having a quad core Snapdragon 600 chipset and is clocked at 1.7 GHz. 
  • This HTC One with stock Android comes with an unlocked bootloader and it will ship SIM free.

Despite the fact that HTC One is regarded very highly as a phone, the company itself has been facing many issues regarding supply chain and revenues. So it is worth watching if its availability is erratic on the Google Play Store – as compared to Samsung’s Galaxy S4 device.

Do you think HTC will be successful with this stock HTC One? Do drop in your comments.

(via HTC)